Plas-Tech continues investments in tool building

Tool buildingPlas-Tech Engineering Inc., a Lake Geneva, Wis.-based injection molder and mold maker, is continuing its drive to strengthen its tooling operations.

The company recently added a Mitsubishi high-speed computer numerically controlled machine and hired two tool makers.

“Our goal with the organization as we grow in capability has been evolving. Part of the plan is to be vertically integrated. Our No. 1 goal is to be self-sufficient,” said Robert Fesus, vice president of sales and marketing for the company, which is focused on medical customers.

The Mitsubishi machine is fitted with laser tool tracking and is designed for high speed work.

Fesus said that the bigger machine plus the new toolmakers helps “where speed of delivery and quality matter.”

The company can now make 100 percent of its tools in-house — and that saves time.

“From art to part,” is the motto for Plas-Tech, according to Fesus as it maneuvers to build on its the capability to design a part, build the tool, mold the part, do the assembly and also the distribution.

“A lot of customers know the problem but have an unknown solution or some technical aspect that needs to be addressed,” he said, noting that Plas-Tech works to solve problems.

Fesus added that the company helps customers meet regulatory requirements, including with documentation.

He said that business has been growing especially with the additional tool building capacity and that its pre-fill syringe business has been a key catalyst.

Post time: 01-21-2016