Mould Design

Mould Design

Design is key to the success of any product and should be given the utmost consideration. Our team will participate in your design process and provide input to optimise both the mould design and the moulding process.We have an in-depth understanding of the performance requirements you need from your technology.Our knowledge, processes and project management capabilities will ensure that the design stage of your project is delivered with optimum time and cost efficiency.

Design sample

The drawings will including:

 ✔ Cooling system 

 ✔ Injection system

 ✔ Ejection system

✔ Hydraulic systems

 ✔ Gas assisted systems

✔ Lifting holes and security details

✔ The tool and main part dimensions

✔  Electrical system hot-runners and connections

✔ Materials and heat treatment according to tool standard/steel specifications

✔ BOM including technical specification