1. What do you need for quotation?

It is better to have 2D & 3D drawing, and specific mold or part requirements.
2D file  in .dwg  .dxf  .pdf format and 3D data in .step  .x_t  .igs  .prt format.

 2. How long do you evaluate the price after you receive the RFQ?

Normal we provide the quotation to the customer in three working days; if the project is very urgently, then we will try our best to provide it within 1-2 working days.

3. What type of your press machines are available in your factory?

We have many press machines which from 80T to 800T, and we have partner with bigger machine for mould trial.

4. Can you explain your payment terms?

Our payment terms for mould by T/T:

For new mould: 40% deposit upon P.O., second payment 30% when you get T1 samples , last payment 30% before shipment.

For prototype mould:  50% deposit upon P.O. , 50% before mold delivery.

For modification and samples: 100% at one time. 

5. What will you do if your mold has the quality problem after shipping to the customer?

First, we will check the problem and analyze all kind of reasons. If it is our fault, we will pay all the cost without any bargain or remake the new component or mold to the customer. If it is both problem, then we will help to slove it together with you.

6. Which are the preferred courier service to send samples ?

For international customers Fedex or DHL service is preferred.

7.  Are you sending drawings with moulds ?

We are preparing moulds with complete drawings for all parts, on your special request we may send drawings by CD/DVD by courier.

8.  Is it possible without a visit in your company to know whether my mold is being built on schedule?

On client’s requests we are giving a detailed mold-building schedule and send weekly reports. The reports may have digital pictures that show the progress of work. 

9. Can we only have mould design or mold flow service?

Yes, only choose mold design or mold flow service is also ok, you only need to send us product data, and we will provied 2D/3D drawings or reports.

10. Can you provide the steel certificate and heat-treatment certificate?

Yes, We can provide steel certificate or hardness certificate to prove.

11. Do you make spare parts for your customer?

Yes, we will provide spare parts for the mold if needed or required by client.

We will provide spare parts for the small and easy break insers to reach required mold life.