You I Am ft. Tykwon Move – Mold my Fame

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Tykwon Move

You I Am

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You I Am:
Help you save ya pretend awards, plaques and chains,
Im below for the sport, no additional, stacks of soreness
I want yall to really feel what im tryin to say,
But it melts in advance of the document even commences to perform
I obtained a move thatll go away you shook,
But like a blind gentleman, I obtained no where by to look,
I dangle my adore on the line and my pleasure on a hook,
Tryna get a damn demonstrate but no a person will e-book.
Target my writins inside of of a cave,
And so the instant of wishin is also comin of age,
I obtained afraid inside of and choked on stage,
But im makin it from underground to family name
My flows heavy at all moments, a gold mine
Dont mind what they say, I obtained dope rhymes,
no time to squander, I wanna blow by,
Its you I am, you improved check ya boring minds.
Cringe in soreness, and rap for times,
I obtained, cold insane, and boldest aims,
You can, alter the sport, and hold ya name
While I, write with the rain and mould my fame.

Tykwon Move:
Mold my fame until finally you choose it also significantly
A new castle was heaven for Kumar
But Evan and Umar rather rip a sizzling keep track of, not wack, wreck it in two bars
Hear up, we’re all set if you are
Aint a rookie I obtained veteran bars
Peep a Jordan ad and assume that black men (Blackmon) are from Mars (Mars Blackmon)
Address ‘em like that, and Venus might talk to
You want Courtney Like or forty-adore: a Venus fly lure?
Persons talkin like they street, or befriendin the fiends
Like a genuine OG, with M in between 
Like OMG and WTF mate
Running out breath hold out
Connect with me Jazzy Jeff, I am the snazzy chef servin Fresh princes on a Fresh plate
Not dissin Will, but you need to never question a glitch
“I am legend” spotting all the “men in black” without a “hitch”  
I know you might be hella afraid of that
I place the DE in Dell and produced Dell knowledgeable (Delaware = DE) of that
You can explain to that they are attached
Fuck hell, I have currently died and been to there and back
Lil homie
You an actor and they can explain to
You rappers are pretend hell
If you might be truly Rick James, then I am blacker than Dave Chappelle
Divide denominators, throw components absent and scent
Rubbish sellin like hotcakes more rapidly than they can promote
Homophobic rhymes, attackin the gays as well 
So a lot of virgin geeks with urban speech
So a lot of phony fellas with only lies
While they go for broke Crooks acquire coke
I am exterior where by the drinking water vapor looks like smoke
Lead to I really feel no disgrace, from novacaine
While ya nose in soreness from blow/coaine
I’ma change the sport, and hold my name
While I write with the reign, and mould my fame

Post time: 09-30-2016