World of Warcraft – Choosing Sides

As soon as a user creates a new character, they immediately face one of the toughest decisions they’ll ever have to make in the World of Warcraft – choosing a side, better known as a faction. Their decision will forever mould their playing “career”.

The Alliance is presented as if they are the perfect, civilized faction. They’re certainly spoiled in terms of polished cities and towns, and this perfectionism is best represented with the overbalanced population that Alliance has on almost every realm.

The Horde, on the other hand, represent a primitive and tough faction. Their starting areas (with the exception of the Blood Elves) are either camps surrounded by a seemingly endless desert or shattered towns. With many players, first impressions do count, which explains why the majority of first time players will switch to Alliance. A large majority of players want to be the perfect blue eyed, blonde haired knight in shining armor (Human Paladin/Warrior).

So which faction should you choose? Neither have super powers over the other, but many do believe that Horde has a much more mature player base than Alliance has. This could explain Horde’s overpowering dominance in some battlegrounds. It is also believed that Horde’s quests are much more accessible and easy (thus making it easier to level), but this hasn’t been proven.

The choice is up to you. If you enjoy playing in perfect, green fields with polished cities and towns for the first 40-odd levels, choose Alliance. The only issue is the overpopulation, so finding monsters to grind on may be an issue. If you want a more relaxed way of game play and enjoy playing with mature players, go with the Horde.

Post time: 04-23-2017