Working with Moldable Plastic – Best Heating Method (Polymorph, Instamorph)

Working with Moldable Plastic

These tips and tricks are valuable in everything from cosplay and costume making (masks etc..) to using them for home improvement and fixing appliances. But it is especially applicable to cosplay.

In this quick tip on working with moldable plastic aka thermoplastic, I will show you how to use them and I will teach you tips and tricks that I have learned in working with moldable plastics like Polymorph, Instamorph, Plastimake, Worblas Finest Art, Friendly Plastic, and Polly Plastics.

Heating with only hot water is definitely not the way to go when forging with thermoplastics. I have found that using a heat gun is the best way to heat your plastic and prepare it to be molded. Enjoy!

If you build something using this type of plastic (Polly Plastics, Instamorph, Plastimake, Polymorph, etc..) I’d love to see what you have made!!

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Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic

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Post time: 01-21-2017