Wholesale Silver – Questions to Answer Before Starting a Wholesale Silver Jewelry Business

Gold jewelry has always been in demand in the market, however, due to the cost involved in investing in a gold jewelry business, more and more retailers are trying to break into the industry of silver jewelry. But before they do, they make a wise business decision of knowing more about wholesale silver jewelry selling. Today, we will cover questions we need to answer when before buying or investing on wholesale silver jewelry.

First question we need to cover is confirming whether the design being sold is being provided by a reseller or the original maker or manufacturer. What is the difference anyway? If you get to buy your silver jewelry directly from the maker, then this will have a significant impact on the jewelry’s cost. Of course, you will be able to get bigger discounts if you get to buy from manufacturers because you will not have to pay for a middleman anymore.

Do not be surprised if you encounter silver jewelry items that come with an expensive cost per piece. Most likely, these pieces have additional design and mould charges. You pay premium when you are buying unique designs or at least the first production of a new design. If you want to get the same designs for a lower cost, some sellers wait for the next batch of production so they will not have to pay for a design and mould charge anymore. However, this will not allow you to get ahead in the market, you will find yourself selling items that have already been sold to thousands of buyers online. What wise sellers do is place an initial piece order for a new design, and then placing a wholesale order for it after getting the initial piece. This way, you only get to pay for the design and mould charges for one piece, rather than the entire wholesale quantity. Most makers would agree to this since they do not want sellers to go to other manufacturers with their initial piece for reproduction anyway.

Why does the price of silver jewelry items decrease as the quantity increases? This is because jewelry items are manufactured using moulds for each design. These moulds cost considerably, manufacturers add this cost to the items they are selling, thus the first production for each new design will always cost more than succeeding productions. This is because they can always use the same design mould for succeeding productions, thus, lowering the cost of production.

How big is a bulk purchase for silver jewelry items? If there is a limited number of available manufacturers in the market, then those who are still in business set higher costs requirement for a bulk purchase. Make sure you place an order for designs that are sure hits in the market, since you do not want to be stuck with silver jewelry items that will never be sold.

Post time: 04-23-2017