What to Look for in Chocolate Molds for Sale

If you are in the business of making candy or just like to prepare chocolates for holidays and celebrations, knowing what to look for in chocolate molds for sale is important to your finished product. Not all chocolate molds are the same and some not for edibles at all.

If you are preparing chocolate syrup that requires you to pour at more than 120 degrees F, this first type of chocolate mold is not for you.

Although the most popular among amateur candy makers, the chocolate candy mold is for preparing low temperature molding mediums more in line with soap or soy wax.

Some candy requires a low enough heat to use these clear or semi-clear plastic molds like melting a candy bar and immediately pouring.

But for heavy-duty professional chocolate candy making, these types of molds just do not hold up.

These molds will be marked with the prefix “MLD” in the sku marking.

A second selection of chocolate molds for sale is the type used when making hard “tack” candy. Since these molds are made of white tempered plastic and are designed to hold liquid up to 350 degrees F, they are capable of being used for chocolate candy making. The sku prefix will indicate “HMLD” when shopping at a craft store or candy making shop.

There is one drawback to this type of mold for chocolate candy making. There will not be a glossy sheen on the finished candy because of the tempered plastic.

The most recommended and best of all chocolate molds is the flexible yellow silicone rubber mold.

There are different degrees of silicone molds so be careful in selecting one for candy making.

Some have a lower temperature tolerance and are used for butter, cream cheese or other soft-based foods.

Finding silicone chocolate molds for sale will be more expensive than plastic but well worth the money. Your chocolates will have a professional sheen on each piece that represents quality.

Be sure that the mold that you select is marked specifically for candy making and has the sku prefix code of “RMLD”.

Making your own molds out of silicone putty is another option if you are getting creative with unique designs on chocolates that regular molds cannot give you. You should be able to receive the same glossy finish as using the silicone rubber mold if the instructions for molding are followed carefully.

Chocolate molds for sale may seem like a bargain when you are shopping for your chocolate projects, but, remember that not all molds are made the same.

Consider your recipe for making candy and the heat and cooling required. You should also think about how long you are hoping that your chocolate mold will last.

Silicone rubber can guarantee up to 3,000 fills with most mold manufacturers.

Shopping online can often provide bargains to get started in your candy making business but just remember to check the type of material for your chocolate candy making and read the manufacturers suggested maximum temperature range before purchasing.

Post time: 04-19-2017