What to Look For in a Great Plastic Kennel Crate

I just recently had the opportunity to spend an extended weekend with the folks from Ruff Tough Kennels. We were exhibiting at the Chicago International Kennel Club Dog Show at McCormick Place in Chicago and they were kind enough to joins us in our booth. This was the first time I was really able to get the whole story on these kennel crates and really see their full advantage.

Ruff Tough Kennels are just that rough and tough! Originally designed for the sporting dog market these units have also caught on with all types of dog owners. Rotational molded from a heavy-duty Poly Ethylene material (the same material that they are making Kayak’s out of); with a wall thickness that appears to be about 1/8″ or greater, they can withstand all kinds of punishment without damage. With the heavier gauge walls and the one piece construction these crates can withstand weight loads never even dreamed of in other commercially available plastic dog kennels. The molded one piece construction also eliminates the need for a connecting flange, reducing the overall foot print of each kennel and adding more available useable space around your kennel crates. This smaller footprint is even more important when placing them in a vehicle. Vehicles are being made smaller and smaller and in some cases you cannot get a conventional two piece crate in the vehicle. One example given by a customer at the show was that he could not get two conventional two piece crates with a flange; side by side in the back of his vehicle, but he was able to get two Ruff Tough Kennels in side by side with no problem.

These Kennel Crates are more of a system than just a crate; in the manner that they can be connected modular configuration and are designed to stack and nest. With the addition of several connecting brackets and strapping options available they can be connected in a row several units high and strapped in with the use of the optional cargo strap bracket. These brackets are connected via the molded in, threaded inserts. That was really a clever idea!

We have used and have had to replace countless conventional two piece plastic dog crates. Now, with the availability of these new heavy-duty rotational molded Ruff Tough Crates, we will be saving money and resting easier that our dogs are now protected better than ever.

Post time: 01-13-2017