What Are Micrometers And How Are They Used?

There are some objects that you may have heard of at some point and yet you have never really bothered finding out what they are and how to use them. Such objects such as a micrometers may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but they are often used in everyday life. Especially by those who work in the manufacturing and steel works industry. You see, these people need a very precise measuring tool and that is exactly what a micrometer is.

This is measuring tool that gives a precise reading, as compared to other tools like Vernier calipers. These tools are like modified screw gauges. However, the original measuring tool is less exact than the ones people are using now and has a lot of drawbacks. The devices that people have today have a digital display screen which is then used to measure dimensions and is correct up to 0.001mm when it comes to measurements. There are two types of micrometers that you can choose from and they are broadly classified as the external micrometer and also the internal micrometer.

External micrometers are the more commonly used tools in the field. People use them to measure the external dimensions of objects such as the length, the thickness and width of a block and even measure the diameter of a pillar. The internal ones are less commonly used but in using them you can measure things like widths, the size of holes etc. They also make use of depth gauges which come with micrometers in the heads so that they can get accurate measurements of depth. You will normally have to learn from someone how to make full use of these measuring tools and you will have to learn on several devices especially if you are going to use them on the field. But you need not worry as these micrometers usually come with instructions.

Other precision tools that you may want to know more about are gage blocks. They sound pretty daunting but in fact, they are just used as a measuring tool for precision lapped length and ground measuring as well. Carl Edward Johansson who was himself a machinist from Sweden invented the tool in 1896. These blocks are also used as a sort of guide for calibrating various measuring equipment that found in machine shops that people have today. These gauge blocks are the primary means of length standardization as used in the manufacturing and steel industry. Now that you know these things, you won’t so lost next time you are in a machine shop or if you happen to come across a situation where you need to talk shop with people who are from the industry.

Post time: 03-27-2017