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NAROTO India ( http://www.naroto.com/ ), – An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company,
Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Rotational Moulding Machineries and Moulds.

One stop shop

The Rotational Moulding Machine process requires machines like Bi-Axial Rotomolding Machine, Rock N Roll Rotational Moulding Machine or Shuttle Machine, as well as Ancillary equipment like Pulverisers, Extruders, and Scrap Grinders. Customers surely prefer to buy all the Rotational Molding Machinery from one vendor. Our company manufactures all these machines enabling plastic product manufacturers to make all their machinery purchases under one roof.

Top Quality

Our company is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and is focused on quality. We select our vendors with care and ensure that the best components go into the machinery we manufacture. As a result, our Rotational Moulding Machineries and Parts for water tanks is low maintenance and serves you for a long period of time.

Customer focus :

We know that customers know their needs best and therefore make it a point to interact with customers regularly for obtaining feedback and suggestions. Our design engineers build machine prototypes with the help of Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) software, based on the suggestions of customers and incorporate the new features after rigorous testing.

Always on time

We have a vast manufacturing facility extending over more than 12,000 sq meter, which allows us to have several pieces of equipment required for building the machines. As a result, we are able to manufacture 28 to 30 plants and a large number of moulds every year and have till date never failed to deliver the machines on time. Our guarantee of timely delivery has resulted in customers flocking to us.

After-sales service

We continue to serve our customers even after completion of their purchase process. Be it machinery installation or any issue related to working of our Rotational Moulding Machineries for making water tanks, our sales support team is always available. We also have a ready stock of machine parts for replacing old and worn parts.

Visit our website www.naroto.com to know more about us. Don’t forget to leave your contact details on the trade enquiry form. Our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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Post time: 01-15-2017