Various Types of the Injection Mold

Along with the quick pace of the developing modern industry, the market has kept going to be heated. It is wise to produce the same object as soon as possible so as to meet the generally increasing requirements. At this time, the mold industry comes into being, leading to a promising future for the modern industry. It makes the mass-manufacturing operations possible and convenient. Actually, the material named the plastic has played an important role in the mold industry, providing a lot of the plastic products such as the toys, kitchen utensils, bottles and cups and so on.

Generally speaking, that the proper plastic is melted and forced into the mold cavity is called the plastic injection molding. And the injection molds which are commonly used can be classified into four types. They are the molds of the cold runner, two-plate cold runner, three-plate cold runner and hot runner.

Typically, the cold runner mold is the most common type. A sprue and a runner is needed to complete the whole molding process. Once the manufactured part has solidified, these two tools are applied into the hardening work. And the workers would cut the manufactured parts off and recycle them. As a result, the unpleasant situation of wasting leads this mold to a less economical for use. And the type in hot runner is regarded as a rather different manufacturing method. This type is able to keep at a much higher temperature than the plastic’s melting point. The problem of waste would be indeed greatly reduced, while the cost and skill on operation and maintenance would be much higher. Besides, in terms of the type of the cold runner, there would be the two-plate type and the three-plate type. It means that both have either two or three plates. And the latter type generally has a runner plate, the moveable plate and the floating plate.

Post time: 05-29-2017