Vac-U Former Plastic Molding Machine Kids Toy Set

Check this set out! It is a Vac-U Forming set that takes a sheet of plastic and forms it into a car body. I make 3 cars with the set.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I like checking out vintage toys and seeing how they work. Once I get started, I never know what will happen. This worked great and did exactly what it said it would do on the box! Make cars. The shell ended up being thinner then I expected, but it still ended up being a use able car.


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Vac-U Former Plastic Mold Machine Kids Toy Set – 1993, Toymax Inc. #9388

0:08 Checking out the box
1:31 – Checking out the parts
6:12 – Putting the first car shape in the machine
8:28 – The first car is made! (Blue)
9:22 – Taking the first car out and starting the black car
12:20 – Prepping car – cutting the body out
19:23 – Taking the black car out
20:20 – Adding the decals to the blue car
27:06 – Cutting the black car out – Forming the red car
36:05 – Taking the red car out of the mold
36:50 – Cutting the red car out with an exacto knife
38:17 – Finishing the red car, final thoughts & two other sets

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Post time: 12-11-2016