Using Rubber Molding for Aeronautics and Space Flight

Liquid silicone injection molding has a number of uses that most people never consider. One is in the use in aeronautics and space flight. Some of its aeronautic uses onboard flight craft might include rubber molding, grommets, rubber keypads or in wire covers. Without these components, the spacecraft might be unable to perform as needed.


Silicone rubber molding products are strong and durable. Their molecular make-up makes it difficult to tear, which means it is ideal for use in rugged environments like space flight. It is also hardy enough for extreme temperatures, weightlessness, high pressure atmosphere and exposure to moisture and some gases. It can be immersed in water and certain other liquids without losing its shape or strength.


Liquid silicone injection molding has biologically inert properties. In other words, it doesn’t support the growth of bacteria or rust. It doesn’t stain and will not corrode or cause other materials to corrode when they are touching. This eliminates the problem of known bacterial or microscopic growth on these parts of the space vessel, which could cause contamination or unknown issues outside the Earth’s atmosphere.


Spacecraft design in the private sector has had the benefit of corroboration with the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA). Many of the scientific lessons learned through years of projects and flights have been passed down to today’s pioneers in private space flight companies. This has included the use of aeronautic and military silicone rubber molding. As a result, future flights will be able to carry both people and objects, including astronauts, science experiments and space station supplies.


Liquid silicone can be molded into a variety of intricate shapes and designs down to minute and precise dimensions. for example, a rubber grommet can be manufactured to the same size and shape time and again to plug a hole or hold together two adjoining parts. Likewise, a long rubber gasket can form a seal around a compartment in on a platform.

Rubber Keypads

Depending on the design, the capabilities are there for silicone rubber keypads to implement everything from launching, docking and flight sequences to opening and closing compartments and facilitating communications. For manned flights, or even as a failsafe on unmanned flights, this is where state-of-the-art technology meets the scientific and technological needs of unique circumstances.

As new technology emerges in spacecraft, the use of liquid silicone injection molding is playing a role in the design, creation and manufacture of various components. As technology progresses, the uses for rubber molding continue to grow.

Post time: 05-04-2017