Used Rolls Royce – Driving the Silver Seraph

I have owned and driven a used Rolls Royce Silver Seraph for five years now, the car that Rolls Royce eventually developed into the Phantom. I bought the Silver Seraph following a long search – I’d wanted one since seeing the car in a TV programme years ago. From then on I was hooked! Several years and much saving up later I finally achieved my long-awaited dream.

What a car the Silver Seraph is. It really is a piece of British heritage, and I’m so happy to own a British-built Rolls Royce. Knowing that my car was one of the last to be built at Crewe is just the icing on the cake. The Silver Seraph is a little bit like me – it’s old and quite slow to get going!

If you are looking for a car that takes you from 0-60mph before you can blink, the Silver Seraph is not for you. If, however, you love to take leisurely, luxurious drives around the countryside, this car is a dream. You will struggle to find a more luxurious car.

I prefer to drive than be driven, and my wife and I like nothing more than to pack a picnic and disappear off for a drive through some leafy lanes. We drive on to our favourite spot then take our time over lunch while we read the Sunday papers. The Used Rolls Royce Silver Seraph’s built-in picnic table is just perfect, and if rain stops play we can dine in comfort in the spacious rear of the car. The risk is then that we are so comfortable on the soft leather seats that we fall asleep!

I think Rolls Royce broke the mould when they designed the car. No other car I’ve driven has given me the same satisfaction. It’s not an everyday car, but it sure does put a smile on my face.

Post time: 05-22-2017