Used injection mold – Garbage bin lid is an initiative by Bonhomie Plastics Pvt. Ltd, a company dedicated to the Plastics industry since 1986. We have exported used molds to customers in more than 30 countries. We understand that properly tested and refurbished used molds can be of great advantage to many manufacturers and entrepreneurs around the world. To make it easier for them to search and acquire used molds, we launched The easiest way to search and request for used molds online. And not to forget the credibility and trust of our company will make your acquisition worry free.
Our Refurbishment workshop
Once the order is confirmed, we acquire the used injection molds from the concerned factory/seller. The molds are then brought to our workshop for thorough examination and analysis by our engineers. An initial trial run is taken inorder to determine any faults.
Post analysis and trial, our engineers begin the work of refurbishment of the molds. This may include replacing the faulty spare parts, ejection system, any general repair work, improving polish of core and cavity and other minor improvements.
Our Testing
The used injection molds are then tested once again and run for a few shots. Most of the times, the running is perfect in this trial itself. However, if any further issues are found, they are looked into immediately by our engineers and quality control department. If required, the molds are sent back to the workshop for fine tuning.
Once we are satisfied with the running of the mold and the samples, the samples are sent to the customer for approval and comments. Upon receiving the approval, the molds are packed in sea worthy boxes and shipped to the customer destination.
We are proud to say that because we follow the above process very strictly, our used injection molds are currently running in more than 30 countries without any complications.

Post time: 04-23-2017