Use of Crown Molding Jigs is Advantageous For Beginners

The crown-molding task is not an easy one. Those who choose to do it must use their common sense, mathematics, and have the right tools. This explains why only some people are able to do it well. However, with good practice and patience, anyone can master how to do it. A tool such as the crown molding jig makes the task very convenient, and quick. Its main role is holding the molding at the angle it should lay when installed. It is an intricate tool with a simple working mechanism.

The common style is the compound miter jig. Generally, it is good on two to four and half inches wide, it fits ten inches miter saws, and even the larger ones. It has the following advantages.

• You do not have to cut inside coped joints. Installing ninety degrees cut molding piece, then using a coping saw to cut the real profile, on the second piece is not necessary. These complicated cuts are no longer essential. With the jig, you can make a real miter in each inside corner.

• One of the key problems that carpenters face with crown moldings are their variations. Some moldings intersect the ceiling at fifty degrees, and the back intersects the wall at thirty degrees. However, the styles you pick will have their own variations. This is why you need a jig to get rid of the complexities when using various moldings. Simply hold the crown molding in place, slip the fence and then lock it.

• With a compound miter jig, you can make compound cuts on one plane saw. This means that for installation purposes, you do not need a compound saw.

• Anybody without too much knowledge can easily use the crown molding jig. It adjusts in no time, and you need not change the position for each molding.

The process of setting up the jig is not as difficult. The first thing you have to do is to create a two foot long piece of molding, to act as a template. To do this, you have to make a crosscut on your saw. Then, place the template on the jig with the bottom border up. Make sure that for each cut, the molding bottom point is very near the blade. The top of the crown molding, which intersects the jig’s bottom, should create a ninety-degree angle, at point of intersection with the sliding fence.

To lock, simply tighten the two jig knobs. If you are able to follow the above simple jig set up process, you are ready to install any molding. This is why you should really look for this tool to make your work easier. Even if you do not know how to install crown molding completely, this tool makes it possible. If you want to buy it, all you should do is to find this crown molding jig on the web. Look for it at Amazon, or any other reputable online store. You can find fair prices that you can afford to pay.

Post time: 05-10-2017