Two-ingredient Injection Moulding Technique
ELASTOSIL Liquid Silicone Rubber is available in a detailed selection of grades to meet certain requires, in purposes for health care, wellness and newborn treatment, general uses, transportation, power, electronics, building, manufacture and other key industries.
Only Wacker Chemie AG delivers palms-on in-lab injection moulding abilities training for overmoulding beneath plastic factors. Find out extra about the slicing-edge strengths in our short demonstration of the manufacturing of ELASTOSIL liquid silicone rubber. In cooperation with Engel, the top maker of injection moulding equipment, and Rico, the top supplier of injection moulds, we generate LSR items by an injection moulding procedure that delivers several slicing-edge strengths for your close product or service. Our closer look at the four key factors of injection moulding procedures delivers you with all the necessary details.
Wacker Chemie AG

Post time: 05-18-2016