Try a Dehumidifier Before You Test For Mold

The best way to deal with mold problems in your home is to avoid them in the first place. When you purchase a new home, make sure there are no mold problems present, before you close the deal. Periodically inspect your home for water leaks or areas with condensation. When you find them, correct the problem right away. Always use a fan when bathing or using the shower in the bathrooms. Make sure your basement area is dry and free of debris. Don’t hang wet laundry inside the house in humid conditions. Find out how to use a dehumidifier to eliminate mold.

Dehumidifiers can keep your humidity below 50% where mold can not grow. This is a healthier humidity level for your family. For best results, purchase the dehumidifier that is the right size for your home or room. You will need to measure your room to determine the humidifier capacity you need. Most appliance stores will have charts to help you. If you look for a dehumidifier off season you can find good sales on dehumidifiers. Some brands to consider are: LG, Danby, Haier, Royal Sovereign and Whirlpool.

Go on line to the different company websites to see the models available and what features they have. Look at the sites that rate dehumidifiers with reviews from consumers and experts. These sites will also have advice on how to use a dehumidifier to eliminate mold, or prevent it in the first place. When you decide on the brand and model that will work for you, look for a list of locations near you to purchase your dehumidifier. Ask the sales representative at the local store to help you get the perfect dehumidifier for your home needs. Sometimes the local store will have a model that is even better than the one you picked on line.

One thing more to consider > If you have a mold problem already, it would be a good idea to have it tested to make sure it is not the toxic black variety. If your family is showing allergy or flu like symptoms that hang on for too long, You may want to test your home for mold. If it is the toxic variety, you will need to hire a mold abatement company to remove all areas of mold, so you can make your home safe to live in again. If you have garden variety mold, you can remove it from surfaces with a 5 to 10% bleach and water solution, or a mold removing product. Use rubber gloves and maybe a face mask when removing mold just to be safe.

Post time: 01-17-2017