Top 5 Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal showers are a great way to renew old friendships that have been put aside for one reason or another. While this party is held in honor of the bride, it actually benefits everyone attending the party as it is a good excuse to catch up with the latest news about and among friends.

But before you get carried away with excitement don’t forget to pick that small but memorable bridal shower gift. Naughty is often the buzzword for gifts for these occasions but who said you can’t give something both fun and useful?

Relaxing Bath Kit

Between her busy schedule and her wedding planner breathing down her neck (not to mention her mom), the future bride needs some alone time to reconnect with herself and gather her sanity. She can achieve this through a long and luxurious bath. Give her a relaxing bath kit that contains a loofah, scented or aromatic candles, bubble bath liquid, a relaxing CD to soothe her plus a bath robe.

Cupcakes or Bars

Baked goodies will always be a welcome gift. Decorated cupcakes will surely put a smile on anyone’s face especially a harried bride to be. You can personalize the cupcakes with the use of colored icing and then top it with a bridal figure. Oatmeal bars will also be a welcome treat for the bride to be.

CD music collection

You can record a collection of love songs and then personalize this by printing a photo of the bride and using it on the CD cover. You can also print the occasion, name of the recipient and the date of the bridal shower. You can even add more value to your gift by printing the lyrics of the songs so your friend can sing along when she listens to her favorite tracks.


If you do not know how to bake but you would like to give something edible then this is heaven sent. You could buy blocks of chocolate, melt them in a double boiler and pour them into a mold. You can personalize your mold design to suit the occasion. Why not also put them in a special box, tie it with a ribbon and put some special text to make it all the more unique.


Is the future bride a good cook? Whatever your answer is, a cookbook will always be an ideal gift for her. Unless of course she has vowed never to even glance at the kitchen once married. But you never know; the cookbook may come in handy when she has a change of heart. The bride to be can always count on her friends to make her bridal shower special and memorable. Give her presents that she will cherish and which will remind her of you and your friendship.

Post time: 05-29-2017