Tips for Making use of Speedy Mold Alter Magnetic Get the job done Holders

Speedy Mold Alter (QMC) magnetic do the job holders boost mold changeover periods but involve procedure engineers to utilize them in just their risk-free working boundaries.

In the quest for minimizing mold or die changeover periods, molders have sought to obtain efficiencies in the clamping procedure by utilizing magnetic do the job holders in lieu of manually operated or semi-automatic mechanical clamps. But to utilize Speedy Mold Alter magnets efficiently, molders want to combine them into their procedures in just greatly accepted recommendations.

Normal Tips for QMC Magnet Programs

In basic, QMC magnets have been securely and successfully utilized in thermoplastic injection molding in which (1) the push size is around fifty tons, (2) the mold base working temperatures do not exceed 250 levels F, (three) the daylight of the push makes it possible for for the thickness of the magnets, (4) variable mold sizes are manufactured, (five) you can find want for failsafe procedure, (six) the quick switching of the do the job holder is essential, and (seven) you can find uniform holding power around the complete mold base surface area.


All systems have restrictions and Speedy Mold Alter magnets are no different. But figuring out their restrictions can make it possible for molders to engineer their procedures in a manner to do the job around these restrictions. Greatest working temperatures for the duration of the molding procedure is an essential limitation because some rare-earth magnet products are affected by excessively high temperatures. In instances in which resin is utilised in the non-magnetic spots among the magnetic poles, high temperatures can result in the resin to broaden previously mentioned the pole surface area, which can decrease holding power.

Another limitation is the most holding power. In the party that a push generates a power larger than the clamp power, the mold will transfer. For the duration of most working situations, QMC magnets have far more than enough clamping power on the other hand, certain dynamic situations can result in overloads. These involve around packing the mold, applying too much nozzle power, and around-stroked ejector rods.

Other Tips for Harmless Application of QMC Magnets

Other elements to take into consideration for the risk-free software of QMC magnets involve:

Greatest Functioning Temperatures: The quality and type of the raw magnet material decides around temperature pitfalls. Unique magnets exist for hotter purposes. Always refer to the manufacturer’s technical specs for most working temperatures.

Safety Interlocks: All magnets should really be interlocked right to an unexpected emergency stop. Interlock logic should really involve (1) enabling only when the mold is in contact prior to activating, (2) equipment guards are shut prior to activating/deactivating, and (three) preventing magnet disabling for the duration of a creation cycle.

Pole Design: The magnet’s poles should really be made these kinds of that the mold base absorbs most of the magnetic industry and stray fields are saved close to the magnet surface area.

Ability Provide: All Speedy Mold Alter magnets are controlled by long-lasting-electro magnetic technologies, which only calls for electrical power to change on or off, offering the magnet a failsafe procedure. Make sure the power provide to the magnet’s controller is in just most voltage and existing scores. Since trustworthy handle is essential, the isolation of the controller’s provide from the typical provide is proposed.

Post time: 12-10-2016