Thermoforming – An Advanced Simple Plastic Recycling Process

Thermoforming, is an advanced way in recycling plastic materials. The basic process is almost the same with vacuum forming, but Thermoforming usually applied by middle-up plastic industries that need more complicated and bigger machines.

Thermoforming is a process of manufacturing that including plastic heating process in forming temperature onto specific mould, and followed by trimming process to create usable products. Thinner plastic or certain material is heating by form-temperature oven until the material can be stretched; and formed based on the mould until it is cool an ejected.

Thermoforming usually need huge and complicated machines to heat and form the plastic and after that trim it based on the mould shape for high-speed and mass production process. Thermoforming process is used in producing plastic stuff from thin plastic material, or thick plastic materials.

Thin plastic usually used for disposable material production; such as plastic cup, mineral water bottle, trays, lids, blisters, and many more disposable materials. This process is about putting the thin plastic onto roll feeder and put it out onto another machine parts. At this process the plastic is pierced and transported into the oven. The plastic sheet will be heated in forming temperature, then moved to forming process, which plastic is mated with the mould. Then his process will continue with draping process, when the formed plastic move into closed pressure box and vacuum the formed plastic to remove trapped air, and also to form the plastic with pressurized air to form the plastic into detail shape of the mould. The other process continues until the manufacturer produces high-quality disposable plastic materials.

The scrap of this process is recycled again to ground flake for another product; or reform this waste to make its own facility. Tough in fact, the manufacturer will reform this waste into raw materials again.

Thick plastic usually use for permanent structural components. The forming application of thick plastic materials is basically the same with the tin ones. The different is, they only use vacuum process in forming process.

Thick and heavy plastic materials usually used for end use tools; such airplane door, refrigerator, weapons, electrical tools, and many more heavy tools.

Plastic material is dangerous waste product if we can’t recycle this material into functional things. Thermoforming is one of the best tools in decreasing plastic waste, because production the vast production amounts that recycle big amount of plastic waste surround your environment.

Many countries produce huge amount of plastic trash. The reason ism many markets and household is still depend on the plastic for their bags and still got no idea how to recycle this materials. So, thanks God for technology and knowledge that invent simple vacuum forming and Thermoforming, so many plastic trash are recycled over and over again to be a functional tools for human. But still, we need to decrease plastic trash to decrease global warming. Lets be smart to spare our big bag and spare one or two plastic bag to shop.

Post time: 02-17-2017