The Refrigerator Can Become A Energy Efficient One, Or a Mold Incubator Underneath it.

I guess the (Estimated Yearly Operating Cost) posted in a new refrigerator are for if, you never open the door on Refrigerator, maybe you may get that cost per year?

Solar run refrigerator 18.5 cu. ft. model usage 1 kwh per day for about 365 kwh per year.
That’s opening the refrigerator no more than 3 times per day.
opening and using it with 2 kids and 2 adults it’s more like 1.25 kwh per day.
I was in need of a cheap way of reducing my electric bill In 1972 I was behind over a $1000 dollars on my electric bill because I lived in an (All-Electric Home) and my electric bill was $240 dollars per month. I had to find a way to reduce my bill or, lose my home. I made my first (Batch type) solar water heater in 1972. I made my first (Thermo-siphon type) solar water heater system in 1973

Post time: 04-21-2017