The Pros and Cons of Candle Making Molds

Candle making is a great hobby, but what most people find once they start…is that they can actually make money with their candles.  Visitors will always notice a room filled with lovely candles, and once word gets out that you have hand made your candles, you may just find that you are filling orders for friends as well.  Getting started in the candle making business, is much easier than one may think.  Most of the necessary tools and equipment are found in the home, however when your business really starts to take off you may want to make a small investment in the variety of candle making molds that are available.  This article will illustrate the different kinds of molds, and give the pros and cons of each, so that you may be able to decide which one is best for the types of candles you wish to create.


Candle making molds come in a wide variety of shapes, designs and sizes…so you will be able to find one just right for your kind of work.  One variety is the aluminum mold.  This has many aspects which make the process a bit easier, such as a quick and painless clean-up.  These are great molds if you are wishing to make candles with smooth surfaces.  The molds themselves are very durable and will last for a very long time.  There is one downside to the aluminum mold.  As stated these molds are very durable, which means they are not very flexible.  This may present a challenge when it is time to release the candle from the mold.  A releasing agent may be necessary once the candle wax has cooled and hardened.  This is really not a problem, and the ease of use with aluminum molds is often worth the small bit of extra work when the candles are finished. 


Another candle making mold that is extremely popular, especially with those who are just starting out, is the plastic mold.  These too, are easy to maintain and clean, and they offer less resistance when you are ready to take the finished candle out of the mold.  While these types of molds are great for the hobbyist, they may not be a good investment if candle making is your business.  Due to their flexibility, and the nature of plastic to become brittle over time and with use, these molds will not last for a long time.  For some candle makers, this is not a problem as the ease of use is worth the cost of replacing the plastic molds when it becomes necessary to do so.

Silicone and polyurethane molds are quite popular as well.  For many candles makers, the silicone rubber molds are more appealing as in some cases the polyurethane will tend to pass a strong, and unpleasant odor to the surface of the finished candle.  Also, the polyurethane mold requires a releasing agent and will not stretch, making it a bit of a challenge to get the candle out of the mold.  Although the silicone candle making molds are a little more expensive, many people opt to use them as no releasing agent is necessary, making them a bit easier to work with.

These are just a few of the candle making molds that are available on the market.  While each one has advantages and disadvantages, you will be sure to fine on that is just right for the candles you want to make.  Perhaps try each one out…you will find the perfect fit for your new hobby, or for your established business.

Post time: 05-19-2017