The Oregon Shooter Was not Out to Kill Christians

The Oregon Shooter Was not Out to Kill Christians

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Lately, in Oregon, we had one more horrific school capturing, this time at a group college. nine people died. Quite a few more have been hurt. And as I am earning this video, we nonetheless will not know exactly what caused the shooter to do this, so I am not heading to speculate on that.

But that has not stopped other people from speculating on his motives. And the rationale I preserve hearing over and over is that this killer was out to get Christians because he was an atheist.

Now, where’s that plan coming from? Nicely, some students who witnessed the shootings and survived mentioned later that that the killer asked people about their religious beliefs. If they mentioned they have been Christian, he mentioned they’d be seeing God in just about one particular 2nd and then killed them.

Let’s all acknowledge that is just one more degree of tragic. The capturing is poor more than enough, but to add this religious factor to it? That is some scary shit.

If it turns out to be genuine that this killer was an atheist who was determined to kill because of his absence of religion somehow, we would have to offer with that. We couldn’t just brush it aside.

But the past time an atheist fully commited a mass capturing, in Chapel Hill earlier this year when a few Muslims died, it turned out his atheism had nothing to do with the murders.

That guy had a large amount of other challenges. That is what led him to kill people. It was not a religiously determined assault.

I am not in denial. That is what the industry experts and journalists mentioned.

So with people leaping to the very same summary about the Oregon guy, we need to all be inquiring: Was this guy an atheist and was he out to get Christians because of that?

And from almost everything I have go through so significantly, the answer to each issues is no.

Was he an atheist? Nicely, on one particular relationship website, he known as himself “not religious, but non secular.” He also belonged to a team known as “magick and occult.” He mentioned he was hunting to date a Pagan or Wiccan.

He also described himself as a conservative Republican. Perhaps that was a joke, I am not absolutely sure. But these are not exactly items that scream atheist. They advise he believed in the supernatural.

So if this guy was an atheist, he was hiding it nicely.

Now, was he out to get Christians? Nicely, one particular of the survivors of the capturing gave a extremely various interpretation of what went down in the classroom. He mentioned that, sure, the shooter did question people about their religion, but only so he could make compact speak.

If they mentioned they have been Christian, he mentioned he’d be seeing them in Heaven before long. (By the way, that also implies he believes in Heaven, which atheists will not. Just sayin’)

If they weren’t Christian, while, he nonetheless killed them.

In fact, a number of of the victims, if you glimpse at their social media profiles and see what people who knew them mentioned about them, appeared to be rather non-religious.

So significantly, the proof does not level to some form of anti-Christian capturing. It is really a tragedy, no doubt. I am not suggesting or else.

But every single time there’s a tragedy, people are extremely fast to put the killer into whichever mold fits their private narrative.

No one particular ever says, “That killer was just like me.” No. The killer always inhabits whichever earth you’re battling versus.

All I am stating is we shouldn’t soar to conclusions in this article when there’s so tiny proof.

If he is an atheist, and he did this terrible detail because, I will not know, he was inspired by Richard Dawkins, then we’ll have that discussion.

But correct now, that proof is nowhere to be discovered.

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Post time: 02-18-2016