The Mold Maker’s Daughter

In this tale of ancient China, Persimmon, daughter of a Jewish mold-maker and a Chinese woman, becomes a famous panda painter. Living in the forest of Chengdu Province, she adopts Bampo an orphaned panda bear, but what she has done is illegal, as only members of the royal family can own panda bears. But she has treated Prince Ting Ling with a secret potion when he was gored by a wild boar in the forest of Chengdu. The prince recovered in his palace. His soldiers are sent far and wide to find the girl who saved his life but to no avail. The poacher Che Tu Wa knows that she is living in a little cottage in the forest with her amah and alerts the authorities that the girl has a pet panda bear. Persimmon is arrested and her sentence is to be beheaded. Just then Prince Ting Ling arrives at the court house. He recognizes Persimmon as the young lady who saved his life with the secret potion. He requests a reprieve for the forest girl and offers to marry her. She agrees, providing she can keep Bampo and the story ends happily.

Post time: 04-21-2017