The Automotive Windscreen Production Process


Glass is created up of quite a few oxides that fuse and react with one particular one more upon heating to make a glass. These include silica, sodium oxide, and calcium oxide. Uncooked substances from which these resources are formed are sand, soda ash, and limestone. Soda ash functions as a flux place basically, it reduces the melting point of the batch composition. Lime is additional to increase the hardness of the glass. Glass intended for windscreens also have quite a few other oxides: magnesium oxide, potassium oxide and aluminium oxide.

The Process

The raw resources are weighed in the appropriate amounts and merged with a smaller volume of drinking water. When created, it will be fed to a massive tank for melting, employing the float glass treatment. Initially, the batch is heated to a molten condition, and then it will be fed into a tank recognized as the float chamber, which consists of a tub of molten tin. At its entrance, the temperature of the tin is about one,835 degrees Fahrenheit, while at the exit the tin’s temperature is marginally cooler one,115 degrees Fahrenheit. In the float chamber, the glass isn’t going to submerge into the tin but floats on leading of it, shifting as a result of the tank as though on a conveyor belt. The perfectly flat surface of the tin will cause the molten glass also to turn into flat, while the large temperatures thoroughly clean the glass of impurities. The lessened temperature at the exit of the chamber allows the glass to harden plenty of to shift into the upcoming chamber. Following the glass exits from the float chamber, rollers choose it up and feed it into a furnace termed a Lehr. In this furnace, the glass is cooled step by step to about 395 degrees Fahrenheit, after the glass exits the Lehr, it cools to space temperature. It is now really challenging and powerful and completely ready to be minimize.

Reducing and Tempering

The glass is minimize applying a diamond scribe. Diamond is applied due to the fact it is more durable than glass. Upcoming, the minimize piece will have to be moulded into form. The sheet of glass is placed into a metal mould. The glass loaded mould is then heated in a furnace to the point where by the glass shapes to the mould.

Following this shaping action, the glass will have to be hardened in a heating action termed tempering. 1st, the glass is heated to about one,565 degrees Fahrenheit, and then blasted with jets of chilly air, this method toughens the glass. This allows the auto glass, when harmed, to crack into quite a few smaller pieces of glass devoid of sharp edges.


In this method, two sheets of glass are bonded jointly with a layer of plastic. The lamination normally takes position in an a unique oven. The plastic layer is usually tinted to act as an ultraviolet filter. When laminated glass is broken, the broken pieces of glass remain certain to the tear resistant plastic layer, and the broken sheet remains clear. Unlike common safety glass, laminated glass can be further processed


Following laminating, the windscreen is completely ready to be assembled with plastic moulds so it can be equipped. Known as encapsulation, this assembly method is ordinarily completed at the glass producer. 1st, the windscreen is set in a mould. Upcoming, molten plastic is injected into the mould, when it cools it sorts a plastic body all around the glass. The windscreen is then delivered to the automobile producer, where by it is equipped to a automobile. The installation is completed by a method that employs a polyurethane adhesive to bond the windscreen to the vehicle’s overall body.

Excellent Handle

This action incorporates screening of raw resources and examining melting temperature. As the glass is created, unique gadgets are applied to glance for flaws in the glass. Other automatic gadgets have been created to measure proportions and radius of curvature after the windscreen has been formed.

Safety glass applied in windscreens will have to meet specific specs with regards to properties these types of as influence resistance, and toughness. Safety requirements have been created to assure the high quality of the glass.

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