Technological Revolution For Kitchens – The Joy Of Cooking

Latest technology is redesigning and redefining the Kitchens. Today new gadgets containing various options in them have made variety of tasks easier and quicker. It is less boring and more relaxing. It is fun to be in the kitchen!

The barrier between the workplace of the kitchen and the social space of the living room has faded away. Now kitchen innovations are adopted in a huge amount, getting smaller and better, bringing in efficiency and entertainment together.

Modern Kitchens have made a huge leap in making homes look more casual and meals more sociable. In future kitchens will be more stylish, practical, convenient and environmental friendly. Lots of future kitchen appliances are sprouting. They will use lesser energy and process some of the task simultaneously.

According to LG electronics, E-fridges will be the “hubs” not only for the kitchen but for the entire home. These touch screen e-fridges will help to check emails, surf the web, watch television, listen to MP3 music, take and store digital photos, make a video call and do online shopping. It will also provide an inventory to users, for keeping food and giving suggestions for how long the food is hygienic and suitable for eating. In one click all the available information will be displayed thus allow users to modify their consumptive behavior accordingly.

Whirlpool is working on Eco-Kitchens in Europe. The concept is to acclimatize, reduce and recycle energy, using only what is needed for each task.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are gaining popularity as they can easily clean not only the kitchen but the whole house by themselves. New vacuum cleaners will be able to talk in different languages. There will be no need of turning on and off, just instruct the robotic vacuum cleaner when to clean and what to clean. What else would anyone want? This is convenience at its best.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT is working on transformation of the kitchen in next 100 years. MIT’s counter intelligence has re-designed the kitchen sink made of silicone. They are as flexible as human flesh and can endure higher temperatures. These soft sinks will prevent delicate dishware from breaking. Another stunning design they are working on is of dish maker which allow users to mould cups and bowls out of plastic discs. After each repast the dishes are transformed back into discs.

All in all, technology would definitely transform the way we cook food and live life!

Post time: 05-03-2017