Straightforward! TWO PIECE Mould – Silicone & Resin casting

An effortless novice video on Producing a two part mold by Jon Neill – from creating a clay lay up to generating equally mold sections and a resin casting.

The video demonstrates how to deal with widespread conditions this kind of as silicone bleeding when they take place. Products applied are bought on which are applied by hollywood fx industry experts.

The supplies applied for this task are:

a two lb kit of 2125 Moldmaster Silicone and catalyst

**the amount of money you buy will depend on the dimensions of your sculpture, you should have the dimensions of your sculpture ready to give to the persons at Pastime Silicone. -White Clay, water primarily based clay ( artwork offer retail store or Aardvark Clay)
-Wooden Board, at least 1/2” thick, bigger than the dimensions of your sculpt. (Household Depot)
- Sharpie Marker
- little cup
- tongue depressors ( broad popsicle sticks)
-Flat paint brush, affordable craft brush (artwork offer retail store)
-Latex Gloves (Household depot or Costco)
-1/2” Chip brushes (Household Depot)
-Foam Main or piece of cardboard (Artwork offer retail store)
-X-acto Knife (Artwork Offer Shop)
-Mixing container
-little plastic buckets (Household Depot)
-paint stir sticks

If you plan on generating molds in the long run, contemplate investing in a good gram scale, a single that can weigh more than 4000 grams and in 1 gram increments.

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Post time: 08-06-2016