Staying Organized and Making Money With Plastic Storage Bins

Keeping inventory ready at hand is one of the keys to maintaining your product business. Whether you put together technology components like phones or you are manually putting together washers, bolts and nuts the key to productivity is being organized. And if being organized is the key to productivity, then stackable plastic storage bins could be your key to reaching new heights with your business productivity and bottom line profitability.

Any way you look at it, time is money, and in business you have to waste as little time as possible. If you are finding your personnel walking back and forth to get items in your shop that could be located at their workbench and put into small plastic storage bins, then adding those cheap plastic storage bins can gain you an added bonus of productivity because if a worker has to get up off of their workbench, you can loose up to 15 minutes productivity each and every time they get up.

I am not advocating chaining personnel to their workbenches, but if you can save one person from having to leave their work station each and every time they need a part to put together your product, then you may have a situation that might be easily resolved by seeing that the item is available at all times on their station. I know you sometimes need more control and leaving expensive parts out on the floor for anyone who might happen by is a risk, and of course some items must be handled individually, so those are a different issue, things like memory or processors. Everyday items that are hardware or small cost components are ideal candidates for stackable plastic storage bins available at all times at the workbench.

Large plastic storage bins are a must have item if you are going to keep your order fulfillment processing time down to a minimum. Having all of your shelf items in large bins is the easiest way to perform this type of processing. I have a friend who uses his garage for his processing center and he has created a wonderful inventory system. His time spent in his processing center has gone way down since he started using clear plastic storage bins for his inventory. He has multiple large eight foot shelves that are accessible from every side and stackable bins on each shelf and each shelf is marked with the inventory number. It is really an organized masterpiece and makes his business run like clockwork.

Post time: 02-13-2017