Stamping mildew manufacture _Guangtuo Mould

Guangtuo Mould focuses on currently being one of the world excellent home appliances & automobile Areas steel stamping mildew makers and would like to achieve the 1st-course steel stamping mildew manufacturer in the world, providing the 1st-course high quality and specialist assistance for client and building superior life for staff members are Guangtuo Mold’s mission. Guangtuo Mould has been executing around ten decades in the automobile pieces and home appliance steel stamping molds developing and producing. During these decades, we created our specialist structure crew, we recognized the scientific high quality and generation administration technique. Guangtuo Mould is the steel stamping mildew maker provider for numerous well-known enterprises of China, Europe, The usa and Russia.
  Guangtuo Mould was launched in 2003, as a workshop for rough machining for molds. And now, it is created to a specialist Auto pieces steel stamping mildew and home appliances stamping molding factory. Guangtuo Mould present the assistance of the wire cuting, mildew structure, mildew making and stamping aspect and so on to the prospects. In 2013, we shift to the new plant and renovate all the tools equipment, renaming to Dongguan Guangtuo Mould Co., Ltd. The firm regards the Auto inside and outside decoration steel aspect mildew, home appliances mildew these types of as Personal computer conditions, Tv, LED,Display, conversation apparatus, washing machine and so on as the main business. Our main client in Auto pieces steel stamping mildew are Toyota, APAC, G-MAX, MADHUSUDAN Auto Our main prospects in Residence Appliances mildew are TCL, Delux, JIALI Team and so on. Now there are a hundred and ten employees in Guangtuo Mould, amongst which, ten are mildew designers,twenty five are technical engineers ten are administrative employees and eight are high quality employees. The factory takes up 10000 square meters. The output is 100 molds for each month and 1200 molds for each calendar year. The Production worth is about $twenty five million each calendar year. The greatest mildew is just about 15T and the size is 4000*2000*a thousand. We have the 800T press machine to test the mildew.

Post time: 04-03-2016