Some of the Potentially Deadly Allergies

There are quite a number of allergy types that can cause us serious ailments. If you are the type of a person who gets an instant allergic reaction from let’s say eating or drinking something, even being stung by a wasp or a bee, then you must consult a physician and be tested for an allergy. To those individuals that are sensitive or prone to having an allergy, then they must be careful and be constantly aware of what they are eating or what they are about to eat and drink. A person can be allergic to particular type of foods, plants and even animals. The following are some of the most common allergens: Bee or Wasp Stings; Shell fish allergies; Yeast; Peanut allergies and a whole lot more.

An accidental contact with one of said allergens can actually cause someone some serious medical condition. We may or may not be aware that we had ingested or we have been exposed to one of the said lethal allergens. Truth be told, allergies can come when we least expect it. The swelling of one’s throat is considered as the most severe symptom that we can associate with it. This can actually make one’s breathing hard and can actually cause someone their life if no treated or corrected immediately. This is called as anaphylactic shock and this requires immediate medical treatment. Above mentioned allergens are the most serious types and are the ones that can actually lead one to suffer from an anaphylactic shock. An individual who is known to have a serious allergy from said allergens are advised to always carry with them an epi pen for emergencies like an allergy attack.

One of the other symptoms can include difficulty in breathing; this can also start an asthma attack. Itchy rashes or hives are also some of the most common reactions that an allergic person can experience. Some are also known to experience minor swelling in the face. The good thing is, said milder allergy symptoms can be easily treated with an antihistamine medicine like Benadryl.

Post time: 06-13-2017