Sink Marks in Injection Molding – How To Deal with Them

This is an excerpt from Lesson two in our Injection Molded Portion Troubles and Answers interactive coaching application. The title of this lesson is Sink Marks in Injection Molding – How To Deal with Them. More specifics on the complete Molding Dilemma and Answers program can be uncovered at:

Sink marks in injection molded plastic elements are depressions on the floor of the section. This lesson to start with teaches the result in of sink marks “from the plastic’s issue of view”. Future the college student is revealed what plastic processing conditions need to have to be transformed to take care of the sink mark problem. And last, they are taught the particular injection molding device controls that should really be altered to remedy the problem.

This in depth move-by-move approach give the college student a complete understanding of the problem and enables them to take care of sink marks regardless of the plastic section design and style or plastic substance applied.

The complete Molding Troubles and Answers program handles eleven of the most popular injection molded section problems uncovered in plastic elements. These are Voids, Sink Marks, Brief Photographs, Flash, Weld (Knit) Traces, Splay (Silver Streaks), Jetting, Melt away Marks, Warp, Cracks and Portion Breakage, and Controlling Molded Portion Proportions.

Post time: 03-26-2016