Silicone Caulk Molding: Building cheap molds

You can use Silicone Caulk to make a cheap mildew. In this movie I make a mildew of my IronMan Mark VII forearm rocket launcher.
Thinning out the silicone with naphtha in a 50/50 combination will make it possible for you to seize the information of your learn. Subsequent layers can be used mixing significantly less naphtha , say 35% naphtha and 65% silicone for the next layer, then twenty five% and 75%.
Coats must be used inside of a tiny over an hour of each other. The Remaining coat can be pure silicone Caulk if you desire. In this movie I did three or four layers of silicone caulk, additional can be used if you desire.

Post time: 01-27-2017