Several Types of Injection Plastic

Injection molding is known as the manufacturing process for the plastic parts. This process involves injecting the polymer to the object which is specifically shaped mold. This injection molding process can be used to manufacture some different products such as plastic based bumpers which are commonly used for the modern cars. Generally, there are three main types of polymers which are used in the injection molding process including thermosoftening plastic, thermosetting plastic, as well as elastomers.

Thermosoftening Plastic

This is the first option of polymer which is frequently used for injection molding process. Commonly, this is known as the thermoplastics. If you heat this polymer at high temperature, it will be able to soften and melt. On the other hand, if it will harden again at low temperature. Thermoplastics are available at a lot of varieties including the ones which are commonly used such as polyester. In addition, it is environmentally friendly since it is 100 percent recyclable.

Thermosetting Plastic

Thermosetting plastic is another common polymer which is widely available. It is contrary from thermosoftening plastic. It is available in the form of soft-solid form or liquid which is able to harden at the high temperatures. This type of polymer tends to be inflexible so that it can be brittle. One of the types of thermoset which is commonly used is Bakelite. In today’s world, this is commonly used for electronic insulation.


Elestomers are other types of polymers which are able to maintain their shape after they are cured with high temperature. In addition, these types of polymers have a high level of elasticity. One of the types of elestomers which are commonly used is rubber. With its elasticity, it is able to extend to certain degree. However, the capability of extension depends most on the specific composition of the material.

Post time: 03-03-2017