Selecting The Right Plastic Process To Manufacture Your Product

When people hear the term ‘vacuum forming’, it’s quite common to get a bit confused as they’re unsure as to what the term actually means. Put simply, vacuum forming is creating a plastic product through heating a sheet of plastic and using a vacuum to shape it around a mould that you have created. A wide range of different products can be created from this plastic process and it’s a great method to create high quality plastic products and isn’t too expensive.

Choosing the correct plastic manufacturer is imperative and the range of products you could create is huge – you can use vacuum forming to create products such as car dashboards, shower trays and other plastic items. Having the vacuum means that no air bubbles are left in the plastic and it has a high quality finish – a desired effect. When creating the products, it’s important to make sure that the mould has correct measurements and to ensure that you take any draft angles into account. Draft angles allow for the mould to be removed more easily which means the plastic will not be damaged or break during the removal of the mould.

Vacuum forming is a type of thermoforming – but there are other types too. All of the different types have their drawbacks, so it’s important to find the process that is ideal for the product that you wish to create. For example, vacuum forming isn’t the right process to create a plastic product with a great depth, however it produces shallower plastic objects to a higher quality than the other processes.

Another kind of thermoforming is press moulding. This process includes heating up a sheet of plastic until it reaches a pliable state and then sandwiching it between two opposing moulds to form the product. The alternative processes are drape forming, fabrication, CNC machining and component assembly to create your products. If you’re unsure of whether these would be suitable to create the product that you want them to, then it’s also best to seek advice from a specialist.

It’s always wise to turn to a professional to do your vacuum forming for you as it is a specialist skill that not many people actually have. The techniques have been around for a long time, and it’s really common for people to want to find out more about the different processes and they have lots of questions to ask about it.

Post time: 07-28-2016