Scientific Molding – Part 1: Don Paulson Takes Molding from “art” to “science”

Don Paulson talks about the early research he did in the 1960′s when injection molding was still considered an “art” – something that could only be learned from “trial and error” experience.

Today, no serious injection molder would question that molding is a science. The fact is, it has been considered and taught by a small group of innovative molders as a science for decades.

Paulson Training has always taken the scientific approach to injection molding. Whether in seminars, interactive computer-based training or Internet online training portals our fundamental teaching approach is structured, proven and consistent..

The concept of treating injection molding as a science all starts with understanding that there are only 4 variables that the plastic reacts to – heat, pressure, flow and cooling. To master injection molding, a molder must have a thorough understanding of those 4 variables. Once they have that knowledge, they will start looking at injection molding in an entirely new way.

This is where the fundamental shift from “art” to “science” begins for the molder. Molders who can put themselves in the place of the plastic and see the process “from the plastics point of view” are able to exercise very precise control over the process. They get faster cycle times, machines have less downtime, scrap rates go down and molding problems get solved much faster.

All of this translates directly into higher productivity and higher profits.

Paulson Training has been giving seminars and offering training since the 1970′s that takes the “4 variables” and “molding from the plastics point of view” approach.

Post time: 01-02-2017