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SBS Formwork System

SBS Sustainable Building Remedy is modular formwork process comprising up of steel bolstered plastic panels,created to mould columns,walls and slabs. The patented design incorporates and ground breaking inserr moulding concepr,which will allow the capacities of a traditional steel / ply faced variety process to be integrated within just the light fat and reduced routine maintenance plastic panel. The panels are created for many re-takes advantage of keeping steady casting top quality,compared with traditional plywood which has a quite short lifespan right before the casting qualitu significantly cuts down.

The totally enclosed plastic panel, necessitates minimum routine maintenance,can be saved in the open,and is not prone to termites,splitting, and swelling. The item can be totally reycled once it passes its handy lifespan.

The injection moulding procedure presents steady precision in manufacture for each panel. Ensuing in a premium item each time.

What we offer:

*Wall Formwork

*Slab Formwork

*Climbing Programs

*Accessories for Formwork

*3D Layout & Consultation

Post time: 12-15-2016