Routing a V Groove in Molding to Disguise Cords: Dremel Rotary Tool

Routing a V Groove in molding to conceal cords with a Dremel 300 Sequence, a Plunge Router #335 and a V Groove Router Little bit #640

With a Dremel rotary software, you can reduce the clutter of cell phone cords, cable, speaker wire, or electrical cords by routing a v groove in the back again of your baseboard.

For this undertaking we will be using a Dremel 300 sequence software, the plunge router attachment and a V Groove Router Little bit #640, a Dremel four hundred sequence XPR, two hundred or 100 sequence software can also be used for this undertaking.

Start off by inserting the bit into the software and then insert the software into the plunge router with the straight edge manual attached. With the molding clamp to the perform floor bring a software to the floor of the molding. Align the straight edge manual so the router bit is positioned in the bottom 50 % of the molding. At a higher velocity make the preliminary plunge In a regular movement, manual software down the length of the molding. For deeper cuts comply with one third rule, producing a third of the depth of the minimize in every single move right up until the ideal depth is realized. The moment concluded set your cords in the recently fashioned V Groove and reattach your molding.

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Post time: 12-06-2016