Resin Casting – How to Make a Mildew

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Let every layer of the latex to wholly dry right before adding the following layer!

I would not advise working with this technique for massive molds (these kinds of as masks).

For the brooch at the commencing of the video, I utilized turquoise pen ink to color it.

I experienced ordered a brooch from the cosplayer Wind of the Stars and utilized it for my very first Neptune attempt, but when I experienced to remake it, the brooch no more time matched the rest of my costume, so I experienced to make a new a single.

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Castin’ Craft Mildew Builder
Castin’ Craft Mildew Launch Spray

Section I: How to Make a Mildew

Section II: Preparation

Section III: Resin Casting Tutorial

Section IV: Taking away Casting and Glossing

Section V: Ending Your Resin Solid

Post time: 04-13-2016