Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) The Procedure.wmv

THIEME Corporation St. Charles, IL. This online video reveals reasons why RIM ought to be applied for plastic molded enclosures and structural parts. It reveals the THIEME approach for response injection molding (RIM) and how it functions. It highlights the principle, tool layout, producing, write-up mold, paint and logistics activites of the total approach. Adhere to a component from principle by means of to manufacturing.

Thieme is located in St. Charles, IL and has facilities in Europe. This online video present North American actions. Thieme gives much larger teams totally free “Planning for RIM” workshops at your facility for your getting, layout and engineering teams. If your intrigued, get hold of Mike Young at 248-628-2930.

To learn extra about RIM and it truly is advantages in excess of fiberglass, injection molding and thermo forming, get in touch with or write us now at:

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Post time: 05-16-2016