Ravioli Molds – Which Is the Best?

Homemade ravioli is a fun and delicious meal option and is easy to make with the help of a ravioli mold. The best type of ravioli mold (also sometimes incorrectly spelt ravioli mould) is one that matches your preferences for the type of ravioli you like to eat. Ravioli can be made round, square, large, small, thick and thin and the type of ravioli you create is in many ways dependent on the type of ravioli mold you buy.

A ravioli mold, also known as a ravioli press, can be made from either metal or plastic and can produce between 12 and 36 ravioli in each batch. Generally speaking the size of the ravioli that can easily be created from a mold varies from small ravioli which measure around 1 inch across, to very large ravioli of 3 inches or more. One thing to keep in mind is that with each different size of ravioli, the filling to pasta ratio changes and the taste and sensation of each ravioli can be quite different even when you are using the same filling. The most popular and traditional shape is a simple square however molds exist that can make ravioli in the shape of circles, stars and fun shapes such as fish

If you are planning on using a home pasta machine to make fresh pasta to use with your mold then it is a good idea to purchase a mold that is the approximate width of the pasta that comes out of your machine. This makes it a lot easier to make a full batch or ravioli with each press, as it can be difficult to manipulate a very wide sheet of fresh pasta which is needed for some ravioli molds.

Ravioli molds vary is price from around $15 for a basic plastic mold through to $30 or more for a quality Italian metal mold. Whilst both types of molds perform well, remember that unlike some more complicated tools, a mold is a type of ravioli maker that you will keep for a lifetime so it is a good idea to buy one that is the best you can afford, and then look after it well. Ravioli molds let you make a large amount in a short time, meaning that you can freeze whatever you are not going to eat immediately, giving you quick easy and delicious meal option at hand in your freezer.

Post time: 12-05-2016