Rapid Aluminum Tooling – Rapid Injection Molding Education Presentation 10 17 2012

Phoenix Proto’s Rapid Aluminum Tooling 1 hour presentation on 10-17-2012 at Technology Days sponsored by Toshiba Machine at their Elk Grove Village Illinois tech center.

Participants learned about how everything that can be done in traditional P20 steel Tooling can be done in Aluminum Tooling.

1.How in Phoenix Proto’s experience Aluminum Molds for rapid injection molding low volume production parts can be used for bridge tooling and production tooling up to 1,000,000 parts and beyond in unfilled resins.

2. How Aluminum Tooling successfully supported projects with restrictive tolerances and thin wall sections.

3. How all resins are able to be run in Aluminum Tools including High Temp resins like Vectra and Glass Filled Nylons.

4. How many in the industry say “it can’t be done” because they cannot do it in Aluminum. Many examples are shown.

5. Examples and time cost studies disproving production companies who do not know how to run Aluminum Tools and therefore are eager to perpetuate false conceptions and myths about Aluminum Tooling. http://www.phoenixproto.com/about/aluminum-tooling-information/aluminum-tooling-myths/

Phoenix Proto’s Director of Operations Bob Lammon provides a straight forward presentation based on his 35 years of experience.

Post time: 02-13-2017