Property manufactured Injection Mould will not function for me

Hi all, I wanted to see if I could injection mould a inexpensive minimal plastic dust pan at home. I was prosperous in producing a concrete mould by using a taped plastic prototype and clay. Turns out that the item sleek solid forty five does variety the solid, but, it will take way to prolonged to make each piece adequate to make any cash selling the closing parts. With that in head, I figured I would test to make a home manufactured injection mould by welding delicate iron sheets jointly. I use the Harbor Frieght sheet metallic shears, as perfectly as a chop observed, and they all labored perfectly adequate for me to minimize the correct sized parts. The only dilemma is that the Lower Density Poly Ethelyne ( LDPE ) is Way too viscous to circulation into any metallic variety that I make. You will see from the video clip that even although the melting point of LDPE is 248 F, it does not conveniently circulation into the mould with no higher presure. If any individual has any suggestion, please really feel free to let me know how I can make an injection mould piece at my residence.

Post time: 04-07-2016