Price tag-powerful Blow Mould Prototypes with 3D Printing

Blow molding is a production procedure applied to create hollow plastic components, these kinds of as bottles and other containers. Blow mold layout and the specification of procedure parameters demand ability and precision. A tiny change in the pinch–off or vent layout, die temperature or blow strain can dramatically have an impact on the molding outcomes.

Prototyping allows designers to validate these parameters and speed up layout acceptance. But up until now, high fees and extensive direct situations have deterred blow mold prototyping.

Additive production, or 3D printing, will make prototyping a viable alternative. In this transient video clip you will study how to create charge-powerful blow molds utilizing PolyJet-primarily based 3D printing from Stratasys.

Read through how Plasel Precision Plastics employs 3D printing to develop blow mold for packaging protoypes on the Stratasys blog:

For a lot more details about Stratasys 3D Printers:

Post time: 11-22-2016