Preform mold แม่พิมพ์ and other injection moulds และแม่พิมพ์เครื่องอัด from MEGA.

Mega is the qualified Chinese PET preform mould manufacturer, supplier and maker. Our PET mould division offers the dedicated team for all types of preform models and production unique form of preform moulds, these types of as the thick wall preform moulds which predominantly built for the five gallon PET preforms, vast mouth preform moulds that has been used extensively for the nuts or candy industry and other regular preform mould for the bottled waters, CSD, edible oils and so on.

The new superior incredibly hot runner with valve gate system for the micro-pitch preform mould have been introduced to the market place, it aids the preform producer cutting down the power intake of the molds and Tonnage of the preform molding system. The quantity of cavities is up to ninety six cavities for regular neck finishes, these types of as PCO 1881, PCO1810, and thirty/25. The cam roller style and design for the thread splits aids operator servicing freely.

MEGA supplies the preform mould refurbishment end conversion provider for other brand name. และแม่พิมพ์เครื่องอัด
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ПРЕСС-ФОРМЫ для ПЭТ Преформы и другие литьевые формы /Molde de preforma y otros estilos de maqunaría MEGA/moule de préforme et d’autres moules

Post time: 11-30-2016