Pöppelmann – Two Element Injection Moulding – Complex multi-purposeful pieces.

http://www.poeppelmann.com/en/k-tech/competences/serial-creation/two-element-injection-moulding/ – Whether really hard or soft, multicoloured or non-adhesive: Pöppelmann works by using two-element injection moulding to sign up for numerous varieties of plastic, which include plastics with contrasting attributes, and to create complicated multi-purposeful pieces. Hence, Pöppelmann dominates the overall process chain: from element advancement and Swift Prototyping, by in-house mould generating, to successful serial creation.

The pros of two-element injection moulding at a glance:

+ Multi-purposeful. Distinctive product combinations are attainable
+ Reliable. Thoroughly automated producing process with built-in screening station.
+ Economical. One particular producing process, added assembly actions become out of date.
+ Long lasting. Solidly joined resources.
+ Difficult. Appropriate also for remarkably demanding factors.

Plastics. Our job.
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Post time: 07-16-2016