Pöppelmann – In Mould Labelling – Substantial-high-quality embellished packaging.

http://www.poeppelmann.com/en/famac/competences/serial-output/ – Precision at its most effective. Speed at its most effective. Economics at its most effective: Previously all through the producing course of action, in-mould-labelling enables Pöppelmann to present a preprinted label with each plastic component in a packaging and to bind them as an inseparable unit – with a constant floor. For that reason, the packaging is not just higher in high-quality but also completely beautiful. – For greater product sales success.

The pros of in-mould-labelling at a glance:

+ Precise. Almost nothing slips and almost nothing moves.
+ Time-efficient. Automatic course of action.
+ Precise. Absolutely automatic controllig by digital camera observation.
+ Affordable. Moulding and decoration in just one course of action.
+ Ecological. Recycling due to similar fundamental supplies.
+ Quality high-quality. Captive packaging ingredient.
+ Hygienic. Dampness- and temperature-resistant.

Plastics. Our profession.
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Post time: 05-14-2016