Plastic mold company

Intertech Equipment Incorporation (Taiwan)

In brief, we are specialist mold maker & molder in Taiwan, with a lot more than 25 yrs practical experience of mold structure, mold producing and molding.

We manufacture plastic injection molds, die-casting molds, silicone rubber molds, liquid silicone rubber molds, LSR molds, rubber molds, press molds and hot runner molds (MoldMaster, MasterFlow, LKM, Incoe methods…etc). We are specifically specialised in working with undercut molds, unscrewing molds, main pulling structure molds, superior gloss polished molds, interchangeable main molds, hot compression molds, two-part injection molds, and pilot molds for compact collection generation…etc.

With the effectiveness stage in Taiwan, we satisfy our planet clients with the ideal benefit of mold producing workmanship: shopper structure assistance prototyping mold producing producing approach management reverse engineering shopper molding & assembly…etc. We maintain many crucial clients providing us repeated orders from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, U.K, U.S.A, South Africa, Syria, Cyprus, Philippines…etc

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Post time: 03-29-2016