Plastic Machining Vs Plastic Molding of Factors

A short while ago, our firm exhibited at a style display in New England. At the display, I could not assist but detect how quite a few engineers approached our booth and picked up our areas. They were being attracted by the many styles, the colours, and the way the overhead lights revealed off the quite a few sharp angles that only precision machining can develop. They every would turn the component in excess of and in excess of, display their companions, go over among the by themselves, then every single time, the customer would appear up and inquire this similar query:

“Are these areas injection molded?” “No, they are not” I would reply and sigh inwardly recognizing that I was confronting but a further style engineer who believes that molded areas are additional cost helpful and a greater alternative.

It has been our encounter and that of quite a few of our customers’, that precision machined plastic areas made to exacting technical specs, not only help save funds, but saves time as nicely, by receiving the machine to market faster. When exact measurements, clear finishes and no burrs or metal contamination are important necessities, then plastic machining is your greatest selection.

Plastic machining has strengths truly worth taking into consideration.

* Finest style alter overall flexibility
* Finest cost efficiency for lower portions
* No parting strains, ejector marks or flash
* No draft angles expected
* Closest tolerance attainable
* Decrease part worry
* Swiftest turnaround time
* Very low or no tooling charges
* Good product possibilities
* Ease of developing options these types of as threads, undercuts and channels.

Of study course there are programs for which only a molded plastic component will do. Cell phones, toys, computers. Hundreds of thousands and thousands and thousands of these items are produced every working day, and molded areas is the only way to keep charges down. However, for our shoppers in the clinical machine business, the nuclear business, or measurement and instrumentation, just to title a couple, a precision machined plastic component, made to their correct technical specs, assembly tolerances of +/-.0005, if will need be, that has been inspected, separately packed, and is all set for assembly upon arrival, gives both the cost discounts and peace of mind that molded areas can not complete. Greatest of all, precision machined plastic areas can be counted on to match into your machine and perform every single time.

Post time: 08-16-2016